culver, Jefferson, & pershing


Playa del Rey Traffic Safety Improvements

Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) recently installed transportation safety enhancements along Pershing Dr, Culver Blvd, and Jefferson Blvd in Playa del Rey. The changes were implemented to create organized streets that are more conducive to a walkable neighborhood, while balancing the needs of traffic flow.

The Project Features The Following Key Enhancements And Benefits:

The new street designs along Culver Blvd and Pershing Dr incorporate protected turn lanes that make the street more accessible and safe. Given the large number of driveways and cross streets, this design allows for turn movements to be separated from through movements, which is proven to result in fewer severe crashes. This design means fewer through lanes. The separation of turn movements will allow for more organized traffic flow, as cars can make left turns without interrupting through traffic.

To reduce the risk of life threatening crashes, LADOT installed buffered and protected bicycle lanes wherever possible to separate people driving and people biking.

Enhancing Safety & Neighborhood Input

Street safety has long been a concern for the residents of Playa del Rey. Between 2003 and 2016, 244 collisions that resulted in injuries occurred along Pershing Dr, Culver Blvd, and Jefferson Blvd, and eight people lost their lives. In early 2015, local residents engaged with Council District 11 and LADOT to begin to address the safety issues posed to children, families, and the elderly by high-speed traffic in this area. After a series of community meetings, LADOT and Council District 11 held a public hearing in April 2016 to discuss and present enhancements that would make Playa del Rey’s streets safer.

LADOT is Carefully Monitoring Traffic Flow and Safety Developments

The construction phase, which involved changes to the lane configuration and 2.3 miles of new lane striping, has led to traffic delays, including at Nicholson St and Culver Blvd during the morning commute hours. LADOT is aware of the congestion issues and is monitoring developments carefully. Design changes of this kind typically require an adjustment period for people to adapt to the changes, and for future traffic flow patterns to emerge. LADOT is monitoring traffic impacts at one month, three month and six month intervals, which will be publicly available at our open house.

LADOT is also monitoring how the changes interact with an adjacent safety project on Vista Del Mar, which connects to Culver Blvd and Pershing Dr, in the downtown area of Playa del Rey. We will be looking to see if traffic signals, turn lanes, and other road configuration designs can be further optimized or improved.

If you have questions or would like to share feedback about the safety enhancements made in Playa del Rey, please email